1. Write what kind of art you want to generate in the input box. Need Inspiration? Click the Prompt Helper button for help crafting the perfect prompt.

2. Click the 🖌️Create button and wait for your one of a kind artwork to display. The generating process can take a minute so please be patient.

3. If you're happy with your AI Artwork, you can can purchase it as a Framed Canvas or Poster by simply clicking one of the PRINT buttons and following the checkout process. All prints are shipped logo and watermark free!

Note: You can use the red drop-down menu at the top of page to select your preferred model.

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Provide an elaborate description of the subject matter.

Text inputs serve as the guiding force for AI image generators, which rely on your instructions. AI generators possess limitations and require explicit direction. Novices often provide insufficient details, which can hinder the quality of results.

Imagine, for instance, that you desire an image of “a robot devouring a taco.” This brief description lacks depth and will yield a simplistic outcome.

Additionally, consider the significance of the background in crafting a remarkable image. If you solely concentrate on the subject, the background may remain empty or appear very generic. AI art generators often default to a white background in the absence of clear instructions.

Specify a particular artistic style.

Do not overlook the significance of the backdrop.

One of the most effective methods for achieving outstanding outcomes is to incorporate artistic styles into your prompts. These styles can encompass a wide range, including general artistic movements or the work of specific artists and their paintings. For instance, “A forest filled with trees made of pizza” is a decent prompt but lacks precision. Various terms, such as “Synthwave,” “cubist,” “Starry Night,” or “Tim Burton,” can help pinpoint a particular visual aesthetic.

Convey the desired mood of the scene.

Describing the overall mood you aim to capture is equally crucial. A single word like “bright” or “dark” can significantly influence the atmosphere. Rather than simply stating “blue sky,” consider adding adjectives like “gorgeous.” Even terms like “epic” can dramatically alter the ambiance.

Example Prompt: “Bright, beautiful image of colorful buildings in an enchanting townscape, in the style of photo-realistic landscapes


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