Astronaut Monkey: A Cosmic Adventure in Banana Black and Spacewalk Silver

On April 16, 2020, an astronaut monkey captured the world’s attention with its striking resemblance to a space explorer. The monkey, depicted in a style that combines celebrity-portraits with cosmic adventure, wore a suit that blended banana black and spacewalk silver. This artistic choice drew inspiration from the works of Gaston Bussière and Andrzej Sykut. […]

Interdimensional Detective: Echoes of Sherlock Holmes

In a realm where dimensions intertwine, an extraordinary detective emerges, reminiscent of the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes. April 16, 2020, captures this enigmatic figure in a unique fusion of celebrity-portraits and Victorian science fiction. The detective’s attire combines the allure of mystery black with the precision of analytical silver, inspired by the intricate artistry of […]

Time-Warp: Marvel’s Cable-Inspired Time-Traveling Superhero

Step into a world where time bends and heroes soar through the ages. On April 16, 2020, prepare to be captivated by a new kind of superhero – a time-traveling marvel! This enigmatic character echoes the essence of Marvel’s Cable, with a touch of uniqueness that sets them apart. Their attire seamlessly blends the colors […]

Unveiling the Visionary: A Quantum Physicist’s Cosmic Twist

On April 16, 2020, a quantum physicist from a parallel universe emerged with a unique vision. Blending the concepts of celebrity-portraits and cosmic art, their outfit was a mesmerizing fusion of quantum black and singularity silver. Inspired by the visionary art of Gaston Bussière and Andrzej Sykut, this physicist created a kaleidoscope of colors that […]

Celestial Chronicles: Rise of the Space-Age Pirate | April 16, 2020

In the world of intergalactic piracy, April 16, 2020, marked the rise of a space-age pirate like no other. Inspired by the captivating styles of celebrity-portraits, Gaston Bussière and Andrzej Sykut, this enigmatic pirate embraced a dark black and silver aesthetic. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques like focus stacking, this pirate’s portraits were akin to works of […]

Futuristic Warrior: Celebrity-Portraits in Dark Black and Silver

Step into a world where futuristic warriors come to life. On April 16, 2020, artists Gaston Bussière and Andrzej Sykut bring you a breathtaking series of celebrity-portraits. With their unique style, they masterfully capture the essence of strength and resilience in a dark black and silver palette. The use of focus stacking technique adds depth […]

Iron Man 2: Celebrity-portraits in a Dark Black and Silver World

Iron Man 2, set to release on April 16, 2020, promises a captivating sequel in the style of celebrity-portraits. Inspired by artists like Gaston Bussière and Andrzej Sykut, the film brings a dark black and silver aesthetic, immersing audiences in a visually stunning world. Utilizing the technique of focus stacking, each scene is meticulously crafted […]


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