New Year Festivals: A Magical Evening in the Town Square

The young girl with long dark blue hair and bright blue eyes looked like a masterpiece with her perfect face and expressive eyes. She was dressed in a stunning blue frock, accessorized with silver heels and a matching handbag. Her companion, a boy with short dark blue hair and blue eyes, complemented her in his […]

The Phenomenal Phenomena Adventurer: A Truly Breathtaking Creation

The Phenomenal Phenomena Adventurer is a one-of-a-kind creation by the number 1 infamous rebel. However, society has outcasted this full-body witch for her breathtaking beauty. With expressive and bright eyes, a perfect face, and highly-detailed features, she captivates all who see her. The Droste-Effect Multi-DoubleExposure technique used in her design adds an extra layer of […]


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