The Fusion of 2D Abstract Painting: Exploring Graffiti, Vibrant Colors, and Textured Patterns

Unleashing creativity onto the canvas, the 2D abstract painting captivates with its blend of various artistic styles and elements. The graffiti influence is evident in the irregular big flat shapes that dominate the artwork. These shapes, adorned with textured patterns reminiscent of Islamic decorations, add depth and intrigue to the piece. Furthermore, the infusion of […]

Creating Mesmerizing Overlaying Rectangles with Random Colors

In this interactive art project, we will create a mesmerizing display of overlaying rectangles with random colors. The rectangles will continuously enlarge and disappear, making way for new ones to take their place. This dynamic visual effect will captivate viewers with its ever-changing patterns and vibrant hues. By using HTML and CSS, we can easily […]


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